How long has your teaching job caused you to put your health on the back burner?
The Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge is the ONE online health and wellness program created specifically FOR teachers BY a teacher. 
As teachers, it is in our nature to give to everyone else before ourselves, and to put our priorities on the back burner. Every day of every school year is  filled with challenges and lots of work that benefits others...
Isn't it time that YOUR needs come first?
After all you give every day, don't YOU deserve to put your health as number one on your “to do” list?
But, if you're like most teachers I talk to, you feel as though you have nothing left in your tank. Your reserves are on empty and all you can think of is going home and collapsing into a heap.  
Sure, you want to get in shape, but time slips away so quickly and another school year passes...

This is where I come in….
I am going to help you gets the results you want right now. No more waiting. No matter how "spent" you feel at the moment. I can show you how to change your body so much easier than you could ever hope to on your own. Introducing...
 Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge
This is a 30 day online fitness program FOR teachers, created BY a teacher. Here's what the Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge includes:
  • 3-5 Day Per Week Workout Plan
  •  Facebook Community for Motivation and Accountability
  •  Nutrition Guide + Simple Recipes
  •  Hydration and De-stress Guides
  •  Daily Coaching and Support
  •  30 Days of Fitness Coaching
No time for the gym? No problem! You will use your own bodyweight, a yoga mat, and your phone to get in the best shape of your life, and it can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Does this sound like the sort of coaching you could use to really kick start your fitness?
Are you ready to make yourself a priority now?
If so, let's do it together!

Each Workout Includes:
  •  Glute strengthening exercises such as Bridges or 90 Degree Leg Lifts
  •  Plank Variations to increase core strength and stamina
  •  Cardiovascular section to improve the condition of the heart and blood flow to all parts of the body
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises 
  • Push-up variations to increase upper body strength
  •  Warm up to loosen up muscles and prepare them to work hard.
  •  Tabata-style workouts to increase fat metabolism and overall after burn of calories
  •  Fun and engaging workouts that combine different exercises  to keep muscles guessing
What teachers are saying...

is Changing Lives!
Join other teachers and work together to make health and fitness a priority in your life,
and feel your best, every day.
My goal with this program is to help overworked teachers reshape their bodies and gain more energy so they can feel their best, everyday. You are going to feel healthier, stronger, more confident, and happier, inside and out. 

Plus, you're going to make a whole lot of new friends along the way!

However, if for any reason in the next 30 days you decide that the Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge isn’t the right program for you, just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

For all you do for your students, 
you deserve this gift of good health.
It is time for you to place your needs at the top of your "to do" list, and do this for YOU! Only 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week, for 30 days, and you will make a change in your life that is immeasurable. Be a part of this growing movement of teachers that have decided to take care of themselves, first, so they can be better teachers, moms, wives, girlfriends, and colleagues. 
Don't wait! The time to start is NOW! 
Registration closes Friday, April 13th at 10:00 p.m.
Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge starts on Monday, April 16th.
Join today for $97 (reg. $297)