If you've tried, and failed to achieve lasting weight loss success, read on...
Does any of this sound familiar?
Do you get up in the morning ... stand on that blasted scale ... and swear that it must be stuck? Or that the gravitational pull in your bathroom is stronger than the rest of the planet?

Do you stand in front of the mirror, grab that muffin top, swearing and cursing under your breath that you've JUST GOT TO lose that weight?

Do you struggle to pull your pants up and secure the button - all the while praying to the pant gods that it holds until you get home from work?

Do you analyze and criticize every morsel of food that passes your lips - 

You want to stick with a routine and see results, but it just isn't happening. Career, kids, and life responsibilities take over and your needs are at the bottom of the list. 

Suddenly, you're exhausted, disappointed, frustrated, and you don't know where to turn.
An Alternative Solution...
The answer to this age-old question of how to lose weight and keep it off forever is more basic than most people imagine. Changing your thought patterns, lifestyle choices, reducing stress in your life, and eating the right types of foods are the answers. 

But what does that look like for each person? 

Everyone is different so it means getting rid of the "cookie cutter" diet and exercise programs and looking at YOU, individually, to determine what will work specifically for your life and body type.

Most fitness programs focus on what you can see...how much you weight, what you put in your mouth, how much you eat, what your body composition is, what kind of exercise you do and how much you do....but neglected is the internal work that must be completed in order for any lasting change, in this case weight loss, to become permanent in a person's life. 

What you think and believe about yourself will determine the success or failure of any goal you seek to achieve, and losing weight is no exception to that rule. If the "inside work" is not done along with the physical changes and activities, the weight coming back is inevitable. 

Permanent weight loss will not occur without changes to how a person perceives, feels about, and believes in, themselves.

The mind/body connection is not a fad. It is not a trend. It is scientific fact.  
Kristin Jones
Owner, Kristin Jones Coaching
A little about me....  

I have helped thousands of people throughout the Bay Area rediscovered their strength, energy, and personal power through my personal training program, Hot Teacher Fitness Challenge, and my Inferno Hot Pilates classes, taught at Bikram yoga studios around the region.

I experienced my first personal transformation in my early 30s when I thought the answer was to find a husband to take care of me. My life shattered when my most significant relationship ended and I realized I only had myself to turn to. After much personal growth through reading and therapy, I emerged an empowered, confident, strong woman with a career path I loved and a sense of independence I had never known. 

Summer of 2016, I found myself at another crossroads...do I continue as a middle school teacher, or do I pursue my passion of health and fitness and start my own business? In June of 2017, I launched Kristin Jones Coaching, my online wellness coaching business, and I have never felt more daily peace, serenity, and contentment in my life. My goal is to help others find their joy and purpose in life and create their best life from the inside out through fitness, nutrition, personal growth, and introspection. I look forward to working with you.
Figure out what change is needed to finally have lasting weight loss, feel your best, and see the results you want. 
Your Body Beautiful
Through individual, personalized coaching, you will examine what is holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals, and you will determine what your unique path to weight loss success is. Learn what you need to change to set off a domino effect that will result in the body you have always wanted with very little effort.

Incorporating mind, body, and spirit together can transform your life into exactly 
what you want. 

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Included in Your Body Beautiful:
  •  Determine what is keeping you "stuck" in your wellness routine and get rid of it so you can begin your transformation NOW!
  •  Discover why calories in/calories out does not work, and never count calories again
  •  Schedule your workouts so you complete them  and feel AMAZING afterwards
  •  Create a FAIL-PROOF plan for achieving your goals
  •  Figure out the foods you should be eating to maximize fat loss
  •   Find out the seemingly harmless nightly habits that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts, AND even causing you to gain weight
  •  Understand why you should NEVER blindly follow a popular diet plan
  •  Learn the secrets to LOSING WEIGHT that have nothing to do with food or exercise
  •  Weekly coaching calls to track progress, make adjustments, and maintain positive momentum to keep you moving towards permanent weight loss success!
Schedule your FREE 45 minute risk-free weight loss analysis TODAY!
Meet Gina...her story is like so many others. A young mother of two who, after years as a teacher, started a health and wellness business that she could run from her home. She thought she would have lots of time to run her business, care for her kids, and take care of her own personal health needs, but that was far from reality. 

She soon realized how quickly hours, days, and weeks fly by and she became more lethargic and out of shape due to inactivity. She found it difficult to promote her healthy lifestyle business when her own life was anything but. She felt overwhelmed and needed to figure out how to refocus her energy to run her business, be there for her kids, and care for herself at the same time. 

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever felt like there are just not enough hours in the day?

All it took was one simple change to Gina's schedule and within a week's time she was feeling hopeful that she could get her peace, serenity, and fitness back to where it had been.

One change is all it took to get things moving in a positive direction...would you  make one change in order to see success?  
You can't get time back; make today the day your life changes.
Don't spend another day "stuck"...
discover your unique path to weight loss success and be on your way to having the body, energy level, and overall satisfaction with the life 
you always wanted. 

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weight loss analysis
to see if the program is a fit for you.

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